Why non-academic activities matter too

While all of you Swansea folk were sweating and panicking over your exams, I was procrastinating the wave of workload since the semester started. As for now, while you all can enjoy a relaxing employability week and refreshers, I am hindered by the overflow of yet more midterms (#prayforAnita).


However, one thing that is getting me through the midterm season is the other things in my life that I currently do. Y’know, the stuff I don’t have to worry about for a career, or for it going towards my future in a necessarily professional way. For example, I volunteer, play piano and travel when not focusing on education.


In my opinion, having these kinds of extra activities allow you to be more expressive and not too bogged down by exam facts and figures. I know that it can be a struggle during exam seasons, as you all know, to have the balancing of ‘what is important’ versus ‘what can I put aside until said exam(s) is/are over’. It can be tempting to put away the ‘unimportant’ hobbies and focus on uni work, but multiple studies have shown why hobbies and out-of-work activities are beneficial for the negative side effects of working (i.e. burning out).


With the countdown to 2nd semester I feel this is always important to keep in mind. There’s so much more to do in university than studying, and even when the workload is high, its no excuse to not do the things that you enjoy!

Until next time.x

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