My experience as an international student at Swansea University

Studying Abroad is about having new experiences, so do not be afraid to explore, be inquisitive, get out of your comfort zone and do things you would not necessarily try to do at home.

I had always wanted to study abroad because the English language was so dear to me and I wanted to get to know other cultures. I did a lot of research before selecting the Master’s course in Management at Swansea University.

I spoke with former students and was constantly in touch with the staff in the School of Management to find out more information about the course. I got good feedback from both the staff and previous students, which helped me a lot in making my decision to pursue my Master’s at Swansea University.

Coming to the UK and studying at Swansea University was the most wonderful decision I have ever made in my life.

From the very first few days, I felt it was an overwhelmingly friendly environment. The staff, local people and the students are so friendly that you never feel homesick. You can make friends from all over the world and learn about their culture.

I am lucky enough to have a scholarship from the government of Oman and therefore I do not have to pay tuition fees as my sponsor does that. As a result, I decided to work hard in order to be one of those first class students to fly the flag of my country and serve the country after the end of the Master’s study, to pay back even a small part of the government’s unconditional support.


Why I chose Swansea University

When I was selecting universities, I did a lot of research because I imagined it wouldn’t be easy to get into a good University which taught the subject I am interested in.

The most important thing was the course and what we would learn.

The next thing I looked at was facilities, especially because I study a course that has a lot to do with computers for the research of my assignments, presentations etc. and I wanted a University that could offer me that. I got into five different courses at different universities and I ended up picking Swansea because of the friendly staff and its location.

Also, as a Muslim student, I was looking for a city where I could practice my religion in a safe environment and that is what I found in Swansea as it has two mosques with one of them is located inside the campus.



Living with a local family

I came to Swansea and my aims were to be more confident while speaking in English and to expand my knowledge in the path I have chosen. Therefore, during my time in Swansea, I lived with a local family in order to learn their culture, as well as to improve my communication skills.

They were very friendly toward me and they treated me as one of their sons. Their house was located near the University, which was great being so close to lectures. We had a great time and we enjoyed being together.

I really recommend students who want to improve their communication skills to stay with local families, which can be easily found through the accommodation’s company in Swansea, ‘Swansea homestay’.


Studying English in Swansea University (pre-sessional courses)

Before the pre-sessional course, I studied English in my previous University in Oman and I knew how to speak English. However, I had never experienced as long a time learning academic English as I did in the Pre-Sessional course, which I believe was essential to have a high English level and be able to go to a University in the UK.

The course I studied is known as ‘Academic Skills for Business Pre-sessional’ (ASPP) and takes place in ELTS which is part of Swansea University.

The focus of this course is to prepare students for their academic studies by teaching them how to write an academic work, academic presentations, reading skills, how to use references etc. The pre-sessional course was an amazing experience where I developed my academic English skills and I learned how to write excellent essays.

The tutors were absolutely great, always very friendly and helpful. They gave us all the necessary support to make sure that all the students were going to finish the course prepared for the University’s challenges.

I am so lucky to have met with great tutors and a great University. I really recommend the course to everyone. It was an excellent experience of learning Academic English in a creative way, using the internet, interactive boards and computer labs.


Difficulties I have faced during my studies in the UK

The first days were difficult for me as I came from a different culture to the one I experienced in UK.

In addition, the weather in UK is different and always rainy.

Lectures are very intensive and you are required to do a lot more group work which I am not used to. However, working on group projects with other students also develops good team-working skills for the workplace. In addition, academically the system here is very different to back home.

The UK assessment scheme is structured around coursework and final examinations, which count for a lot more than in the US. You have to learn to be more responsible about getting your work done.

However, there is also a lot of independent study.


My experience in Swansea

The thing that surprised me most is how involved with the course I am studying I became, because I did not expect to like it so much.

It is the best decision I have ever made and I wish everyone had the same opportunity. I feel that all the eight modules and the dissertation give a good taste of business life and prepare students for the actual professional working environment.

The Master’s programme also taught me to manage my time effectively. In addition to my studies, I play football with friends, go to gym and enjoy my life in the UK.

Also, we as Muslim people can practise our religion in a safe environment in one of the University’s two mosques. Now, I am very proud to consider myself a first class student and I have skills that allow me to continue doing my work in efficient ways.


Some advice for students considering studying abroad

When you are looking for a University, it is important that you do research and know the reasons for your choice.

It is definitely a great experience to study abroad, and there are many people going through the University, so you will never feel alone.

I would recommend Swansea because it is a lovely city, it is full of kind people and there is something for everyone here. Moreover, I would recommend Swansea University, particularly The School of Management because the staff are very helpful, the campus boasts a new modern style, the library is very big, there is always space to study or chill.

The best advice I can give to prospective students is come to Swansea since it offers everything you could possibly need for a great study abroad experience.

Finally, I would say Swansea is a place where you can learn a lot, while having fun at the same time. Hence, Swansea University is one of best options for you if you are planning to study in the UK.





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