From Ghana to Swansea

I’m Hannah, an international student from Ghana pursuing MSc. Child Public Health. I would like to talk about my settling in at Swansea University.

My first few weeks of being in the University were quite challenging for me especially the weather! It had not been friendly to me at all. I had been so used to the hot and calm weather of my home country and I felt it would take time for me to get acclimatised to this weather. Another thing I realised is that when the time is 6 am, the sky is still dark making me feel like the day is still dawning so I can still be in bed! This almost affected my 9 am lectures and few times I got to class late!

Though it took a little while for me to adapt to the weather and the academic environment, it has enhanced my ability to cope with new changes in life. The new environment has built my confidence and now I am used to the academic life of Swansea University! There are loads of activities organised by the school which I came across. Some of these activities which I took advantage of have been very insightful, worthwhile and profitable to me as an individual. Now I’m so proud I would be graduating from Swansea University!

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