A Day in the Osteopathy Clinic

Have you met Dave? If you haven’t it is time you do now. This is Henry! Henry helped me get to where I am today, and you will find a Henry or  a Dave somewhere around our practice rooms or clinic rooms.

Right, I think I may be going slightly off topic, this post is about a day in clinic and so I shall tell you about how a typical day in clinic looks like. With clinic, everyone has to wear a uniform and follow a few rules regarding their dress code such as; white tunic, black trousers, black shoes, black socks, no more than 1 earring and many more that you just come across over time. Oh, and did I mention, the tunic and trousers need to be ironed every time!!

You are expected to arrive in clinic by 8.45 am, and then you have this period called ‘pre-clinic’ where you discuss your cases of the day to the tutors. Don’t be late, or else you won’t be allowed! And from 9.15am appointments start. That’s where your day kicks off, and the adrenaline kicks in! Sometimes clinic can get really busy, or 8 patients the whole day and sometimes it can be very quiet with only 2 patients the whole day.

You are in a group of about 3-4 people per room, with 5 treatment rooms, so you share out the patients equally, and you help each other out in the room, more like moral support. Now if you really want to know your stuff and impress the tutors and most importantly make a difference for your patients, then you got to work for it! You need to do quite a bit of research, think outside the box and pre plan what you would like to do. So, any time that is free in clinic, you should be doing some form of research or practising your skills.

In addition to this, when you get to 2nd and 3rd year, you have to get some competencies signed off, so mostly everyone is always trying to finish them and get them ticked off. You are entitled to a 45 minutes lunch break starting at 12.30pm and you got to be back by 1.15pm in order to start the second half of the day. So those 45 minutes are worth it, make the most of it! The sad part is, your notes need to be completed on time for you to get such a long break… did I say long? Well it isn’t really long, but it helps!

Now in clinic you can see a variety of different cases ranging from babies, elderly, pregnant ladies, injured people, chronic pain, or just maintenance patients. And it is pretty much exciting as no patient is the same and you learn a lot from all of them.

So now, a little promotion for my clinic, if you are a student you get a discounted fee, hence its even better for you to come visit us if you got any problems! Just give the health and wellbeing academy a call or just come and book in at the reception! We shall try our                                                                                                   best to help you!

So, in simple words, clinic days are long but very interesting and the best place to get more hands-on skill practice! There are those days when it gets tiring and boring, but oh well, it is compulsory, so you just got to do it. It may seem daunting, but it really isn’t as you get to learn a lot and have great amounts of fun! And to top it all, that is what is going to pay off in future!

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