More of the experiment building, teaching and planning

Hi all,

Hope you have had a good week. Once again it is Friday and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be tackling the INVNCBL assault course in Margam Park. 33 obstacles over 6.5 miles and the weather looks great for it!

This week has consisted of assisting in lectures and helping 1st years with their second report. Helping them assess previous questionnaires and then think about how they’d develop their own. I’ve now got my second batch of marking to start working through which hopefully takes only a few days. (Only doing 3 or 4 papers a day)

The experiment is progressing. The last bit was in a was one of the easiest bits. Selecting 2 images from the 9 that would appear in one group or the other. Making the decision and checking the other images for similarity, say 5 mins on each one, with 155 files to do this on, that alone was over 12 hours of work. I don’t want to put anyone off doing a PhD, but I do want you to realise there will be times when the smallest/simplest of tasks are time consuming. With other role commitments and also life, time management is very important. The next 2 phases are making the encoding images and the line ups.

Hoping to be up and testing soon! (If I survive INVNCBL that is!)


Bryan Robson

I'm a PhD research student, researching the ways that eyewitnesses approach line-ups and how accurate they are. I'm also a student rep for psychology post grad and a mentor for international students. I'm currently training for an INVNCBL course and just in general as well.

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