Things you hear when you tell people you’re studying abroad

So, I leave for Canada in roughly 2 weeks (I’m still considering this all to be a dream). Needless to say, I’ve told a lot of people about where I’m going because I’m so god damn excited to go. However, the initial responses seem to be very same-ish.

I can’t really blame them, because to them this is a big adventure that they most likely have not experienced themselves. Here are some examples of responses I’ve gotten and my thoughts on these statements:


“WOW! That’s far!”

Well, yes. Yes it is.

I guess this person has a point though, in regards to my abroad year – it’s not like 10 hour flights are the norm in the UK!



“I could never do something like that”

Everyone is different. Some people like to embrace the winds of change, whereas some would rather not step out of their comfort zones until the time suits them – and that’s fine!


“Oh I know someone that lives in *probably the other side of* the country that you’re living in!”

My either two options for using this information is 1) actually going to see them, or 2)…well, there is no number 2.


“I bet you’re going to miss your friends and family”

Of course I am, but it’s only for a year! I will return back to UK to annoy my loved ones shortly afterwards…



“You’re brave!”

I wouldn’t say so, I just like travelling and bettering myself with new experiences!


Funnily enough, the thing that really stands out to me about all of these statements is one thing: this was all said before I went to university. Now that I’m two years into my degree and experienced the uni life, I can assure myself that I have no worries for the next two. I’ve loved taking my next steps into independence, and it’s only going to get better.


Until next time. x

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