Taking up a module in a new subject

During my year abroad I have been able to take modules outside the scope of my course, as long as I can show the use for the chosen topic. As a student studying physics, that pretty much means I had the choice of most other subjects. The opportunity that grabbed my attention most was to take up a language.

I have never studied another language, not even at GCSE so realising I could pick one up on my year abroad thrilled me. Since my year abroad is in Canada, I figured the best language to choose is French. Especially since it is one of the most worldwide spoken languages after English. Luckily enough, Brock offered an introductory full year french course.

Choosing a subject outside my natural abilities has really pushed me this past month. I am using skills I never fully developed and stepping away from my much loved safety of familiar maths. Now I have spelling tests and pronounciation practice and grammar techniques as part of my weekly schedule which is certainly keeping me on my toes.

Today was the first day I sat a language exam and it required far more brain power then I am used to using to think of things that are simple to many people around the world. Never before has a pen been anything but a pen, until now. Now it is a pen and un stylo. Due to the nature of the french course everything in my daily life now has two names and some form of physics attached to it in my mind, the mental map my brain is creating is only expanding!

I am really enjoying the challenges I’m facing by studying outside my comfort zone and forcing my brain to acquire new skills, taking up a new module has certain been an immediate highlight of studying abroad and with the vast scope of the course across the year, I hope to achieve a level in french that will allow me to continually build on my knowledge of the language through life and thus increase the amount of opportunities this degree will give me.

I am excited to keep trying and see what new words tomorrow brings- if you’re planning on doing a year abroad, choosing a module outside your comfort zone. It is beyond worth it.

Charleigh Bryson

Canada bound 🇨🇦

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