First week in Canada land

Hi all!

So I arrived safely in Victoria (after the painful 10+ hour flights and massive queue of immigrating students), and I have to say, everything here is BEAUTIFUL! From the trees to the sparkling blue water, when the cabin crew announced that we were about to land in BC I couldn’t keep my eyes off the window! But that doesn’t mean that it was any less beautiful when we were on the ground ¬†either – the whole of Vancouver island seems magical and enchanting.

Cadboro bay beach - just a five minute downhill walk from my residence!
Cadboro bay beach – just a five minute downhill walk from my residence!

Although I still haven’t sorted out all my admin yet (still waiting on a bank account), I’ve got myself basically set up for living here for the next few months – all in the space of a week! Although I’ve had to take days off from looking around and exploring due to jet lag and an unexpected migrane, from what I’ve saw I know I’m going to love every second here. With the exceptional support of the University of Victoria’s International office and many MANY resources covering information about pretty much everything, it’s really helped me settle in and be comfortable in my new home.


As for the here and now, I started some introductory classes today and enjoy every single one of them. However, there is a lot of work that goes into that so I may drop one just to make it easier on myself – as I not only want to excel this year but also enjoy myself! As for their Welcome Week, I really have to hand it to UVic – they have activities to appeal to everyone! Today alone, there has been a free pancake ¬†breakfast, live bands playing on the Student Union building roof, and stalls from companies giving away freebies and hosting giveaways. Later on today there’s also a Welcome Back party at the campus pub and a movie at the Quad (which is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; a film I have never seen before)!


All in all, I think this is going to be a fun-filled year with lots to do! I can’t wait! x

Swansea needs one of these!
Swansea needs one of these!


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