Hello! My name is Cait, I’m a second year History student at Swansea University and this time last year I had absolutely no intention of studying abroad.

I first heard about this opportunity around October of my first year, either by email or during a lecture, I forget which, asking if I would be interested in studying overseas. The options available were to travel to the USA or Hong Kong to study for the second semester of my second year. Travelling and working abroad is something I had been interested in for a while, but ultimately hadn’t been very feasible before university. This chance to live and study abroad therefore sparked my interest and everything said in the following meetings fitted what I wanted to achieve by living overseas.

I have chosen to go to Hong Kong and in exactly 116 days my term in Lingnan University will start. I’m very excited, but equally terrified. My aim is to use this blog to encourage more people to take advantage of all the travel abroad opportunities that Swansea University offers its students, because I feel like if I can do it, then anyone can!

This blog may differ from others on the page because I am currently still in Swansea. Nonetheless, even though it is 116 days before my magical adventure starts, I’ve made a list of posts you can hopefully expect from me in the lead up to my departure:

Why Hong Kong?

The study abroad application process

Living in halls as a second year

What I’m hoping to achieve

Travelling closer to home


Asia travel plans

And basically anything else I think is useful or interesting.


Cait x

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