Turbulent Times

Exams and Flights

When Rebeka and I first arrived in Granada we were super eager to book flights home for Christmas. Oh how it back fired. During the induction week, our faculty director informed everyone that we would be fine booking flights home for one of the last days in term because teachers never schedule exams then.  As we’re eager beavers we booked super cheap flights home for Christmas on the last day of term and to come back to Granada on the 7th January.

We eventually found out that we didn’t have exams until the 23rd January so we decided to change our flight back to the 14th January instead. Luckily we only paid around 30 euros for return flights and there was no price difference to change the return leg, only a small admin fee. Fab, we had no problem with that. However…

Just last week we changed teacher for one of our modules, and in the first lecture she proceeded to tell us that our exam was the last day of term. Here we go again – EasyJet must think we’re made on money. So we changed our flight from Granada-Manchester on the 21st December to Malaga-Manchester so that we could fly back one day later. We weren’t even contemplating flying back on Christmas Eve; even though we could’ve flown from the local airport instead. With it being less than 60 days before the flight, we were charged a higher admin fee. It wasn’t horrific nor did it break the bank but we’re students and we want to spend our grants on fun things, not changing flights one hundred times.

In the end, we felt extremely lucky to have paid such low prices in the first place. The return journey has still worked out cheaper than my flight here and what I would normally pay on the train journey for Swansea. So if you can calm your inner “I can’t wait for Christmas”, hold out on booking your flights as long as you know the prices won’t rocket.

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