Prepping for Canada

I didn’t realise moving could be this stressful. I’ve done it before, put my life in a bag or a box and packed up a vehicle and headed on my way but not like this. One suitcase under 23kg and what exactly can you fit in that? What home comforts can I move across the globe in one bag? I have no idea how people do it. It’s so daunting, seeing my entire life in boxes and realising none of it will come with me. The only thing I’ll own is a suitcase of the best lightest bits and me.

I have to remind myself just how much I am taking, how many memories are captured in photographs and stored electronically. How much I’ve been shaped and changed by the possessions I own and the experiences I’ve been through. Leaving those closest to me- knowing that every ounce of my being has some part of them but questioning, will that be enough?

Trying to scrape together as much as I can to put myself in a good position but in reality I know it will never be enough.

One suitcase or twenty it will never fill the void I’ll have from those I’ve left behind..

But the experience, the memories I’ll create, the opportunities I’ll open and the people I’ll meet along the way. They’ll all make this time worth it. That’s why people do it isn’t it? Not for what you take with you, but the person you bring back when you jump on the return flight home and realise that home is where I lay my head, so under the stars will be my bed.

Every second of stress- it’ll all be worth it. I’ll Make it worth it

Under two weeks- CANADA HERE I COME!!!

Charleigh Bryson

Canada bound 🇨🇦

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