Everything is Bigger in Texas

As my first week at Texas draws to a close the main thing I can take away is that things are definitely bigger in Texas. From the food and drink to the roads and sprawling campus, all aspects of life here have been scaled up.

Over the last week I have experienced some amazing and different things, all unique to Texas. After arriving on Sunday 21st August, I was thrown straight into American culture and in particular, the ways of the “Lone Star State”. Free food and t-shirts aplenty, I explored the campus over “Gig ‘Em Week” (the equivalent to Freshers Week) making new friends (and sorting out all of the mundane admin stuff). I attended a Cookout; watched a movie in an American cinema and watched people get flung about whilst Line Dancing. On Sunday, I went to watch the college soccer team win 2-0 against Tulsa and see the Yell Leaders in full swing. So a pretty packed week.

Today was my first day of classes starting off with nice and simple with introductory lectures but now with the knowledge that there is a lot of work to come.

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