Now let me introduce myself…

Hi guys, I’m Anita and aside from being your average 2nd year psychology student I’m also known to be lurking around areas with caffeinated beverages with my friends, laptop and/or a good book. You may also know me as the person on the coffee side of JC’s with an awfully loud voice and even worse laugh (I just so happen to find everything funny).

I enjoy simple pleasures, such as eating too much, internet memes and colouring in dinosaurs (even the coolest of students can’t deny that a dinosaur colouring book isn’t the best thing ever, right?!) In terms of societies, I cannot introduce myself without mentioning my faithfulness to my LGBT+ society , whom made me feel like part of a uni family since I started over a year ago! I’ve also been taking up pole fitness this year, which has really made me feel a lot more healthier (or at the very least, it forgives all those takeaway pizzas that i find the money for)…

My two favourite things: LGBT+ and dinosuars!
My two favourite things: LGBT+ and dinosaurs!

So, in terms of blogging, I will be doing my part on Psychology – from lectures all the way to the general research articles that I find interesting enough to share, Student Rep things (expect promotional things from time to time), LGBT+ friendly resources, personal opinions (ranging from the stubborn, blunt-minded to the jolly and excitable) and about University and student life in the wonderful land of Swansea in general!

Although this blog will focus on all parts Psychology, it is an understatement to say that I will definitely be more enthusiastic on the biological aspects rather than the latter. As my dream career is to be a Neuropsychologist, I guess it’s only fitting. Also, as of September I have been provisionally given a place for the University of Victoria in Canada (right next to Vancouver), so hopefully my grades will be good enough to allow me to go!

University of Victoria, BC, Canada: it’s sooo pretty!

Anyway, I’ve written enough about myself, and this was only an introduction! My first official blog post will be up soon, but thank you for reading and hope to amuse/inspire/fill up your time with my words. x


Gadael Ymateb