Bored? There’s more you can do over the summer than just working

So, it’s hit that time of the summer holidays. Half your friends are working, the other half are on holiday, and then there’s you. Trying to search for a job that seems that no one will give to you, thus not being able to afford Zante (or anything else, really) with the gals/lads/squad. I know, I know the struggle.


Despite this, there are still ways you can have fun and be productive without tirelessly searching job websites, or deliberate in doing online surveys for a quick quid. Hopefully these suggestions can turn your ‘meh’ holiday into a quite productive and enjoyable one!


1. Volunteering/Work experience

Naturally this is the go to for those that find themselves ‘unemployable’ (AKA, there just isn’t an ideal vacancy for the two months that you’re away from Swansea). It has the reputation of being lackluster due to having no pay, but I do believe that volunteering provides you with so many good skills to help you from the get go (which I have written about previously). Also, when looking for other jobs, it gives employers skill insight, thus making you more employable!


There are tons of volunteering websites, and even volunteering placements abroad in which you can spend your time in another country and benefit lives around you at the same time (although the abroad placements mainly require payment)


Here are some websites to get you looking:




2. Start new projects

Okay so volunteering just isn’t your thing either, but there are still numerous new things that you can do during your time off. For example, I’ve been re-learning French since not touching it for three years (thanks to nightmares of my failed AS level) via Duolingo. Although it’s a painful process, it’s quite nice to be learning a new skill as opposed to doing, well, nothing. Another one of my friends is taking up knitting, and another is crafting jewellery!



I’m sure that there is something that you have always wanted to do but have always put off due to not having the time, so why not do it now?! There are hundreds of online resources that you can utilize to learn new skills, that may be useful (e.g. learning how to cook) to just leisurely (e.g. origami). Besides, when you go back to/start uni in September it’ll be another skill up your sleeve!


3. Prepare for next year?

I know exactly what you’re thinking: “we finished exams only a few weeks ago and you want me to start learning again?!” Well, yes.


As opposed to doing what 99% of students (including me) do, and start uni with a slow and painful process of learning how to read essays and write (who even writes in their spare time) – you could be ahead of the game with your reading all sorted and cursive writing mastered. It all sounds very nerdy, but good practice means that you’ll probably be more likely to do better than your colleagues and maybe even achieve better grades!


Things you could do now include: checking on textbooks that you need for your year of course (available on the website), doing extra reading around next year’s modules, start dissertation/research project planning (if in final year)


4. Go outside!

Well, it is summer after all! There are plenty of things that you can do that are free and outside, such as free ‘festival’ like shows/days out, parks and visiting nature reserves or historical landmarks. However, if you do have a bit of money  to spare, try alternative festivals (not just your average Glasto/Reading & Leeds) – such as Greenbelt (which does reduced 18-25 year old prices) or Shambala.


Or you could just have an ice cream on the beach, that works too!


Thanks for reading. x

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