Taking some time out


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and you are enjoying the summer (despite the typical weather). I just wanted to upload a quick post about taking some time out this summer.

This may seem a bit arbitrary but it is important to ensure that you have a break during the summer. I know that all undergraduates and some post-graduates will be on summer break at the moment. But when I was doing my undergraduate and post-graduate degrees I worked to fund my studies and so I didn’t really get a break as such as I could not afford to go on holiday anywhere.

However while it is important to work for work experience, CV boosting and money it is also important to take some time off. University life is taxing and demanding, in order to study well, you need to be rested. So even if it comes in a bulk week or the odd days dotted throughout the summer, you should take some time to yourself.

This is something that I have found to be increasingly important the busier I get and the further along my academic path I venture. This will ensure you are rested and fresh so you can be productive and more importantly happy in your university life.

I know this is short but sweet (I hope). I will try and do some lengthier posts in the future. I hope this helps.


Thanks for reading!!!


Joanna Wolton

I am a PhD student in the Centre for Innovative Ageing within the College of Human and Health Sciences. I hope this blog is insightful and gives you some tips and information about what it is like to be a student living in Swansea.

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