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Hello again, this is my first post from Poland its self. Sorry I have not been keeping you all up to date, I have been very busy. First of all I have my travel to talk about. This will go along with a small vlog uploaded on YouTube here:

But to write it in words, this is what happened. I arrived into Winchester to find that there were two busses at the same time, which made the beginning of my journey rather stressful, But once I was on the bus I prepared for the long journey ahead of me. From here the bus travelled to Victoria bus station. Once I arrived I looked for the bus stop for the Sinbad bus to Poland. I found a sign which was in polish so I joined a queue and asked someone in the queue if this was the line for Poland and after a long period of her not understanding me, it turned out i was actually in the queue for the Harry Potter tour! Exciting but not where I wanted to be.

Eventually i found the right queue and spoke to this lovely lady in the queue who helped me translate the announcements for there were all in Polish, even in England! I got on the bus to be sat next to a man on one side and across from me as predicted a rather large man! Eventually the bus moved after ages getting on to it and preparing to leave. The hostess on the bus was pretty lovely and would speak to me very well in English and really went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. At first this experience was really daunting because i was in England yet everything on the bus was in Polish!

After  a while the hostess put a film on to the screen at the front of the bus. This film was in-fact in french but had the worst dubbing in the world. It turns out that Polish dubbing system is too intelligent to use subtitles and they need something “easier” to understand! So after this horrible monstrosity finished which actually was quite funny for me to watch. Eventually after the London traffic had subsided, we arrived at the channel tunnel after lorries decided to block the way to the tunnel!

After a short break and passport checks in a hut in the middle of the road we boarded the bus. Eventually after a lot of waiting we went onto the train which was really exciting as I had never done anything like this before. The next 35 minutes however were really not much fun for because we were really far underground with no air conditioning on the bus we ended up frying in the heat and so it was actually a really painful 35 minutes.

Eventually we arrived into France and quickly made the trip through Belgium. More films were put on with that terrible dubbing. Eventually the night came and some kind polish lady ensured that I was comfortable by speaking to the people behind me to check that i could put my seat back without having a big issue. During the night we arrived at a German petrol station where we were allowed to stretch our legs. I had a chat to a really friendly Polish man here and he was telling me all about his home village which really was lovely.

Eventually we arrived at a bus station in a service station in Poland, from here we were put onto separate busses depending on what part of Poland we were going to. This was very confusing because nothing was in English, not even some of the stewards could speak English. But luckily the really lovely people sat behind me on the first bus ensured i was on my way.

After such a long trip, I arrived in Kielce greeted by my buddy Agata. From here we went to get some food in the main square. It happened to be the same day that Poland played Ukraine in the Euros and so the atmosphere there was incredible. People shouting “POLSKA” and it was so lovely to be apart of the occasion.

After a while I met with my friend Kinga and we went back to her house and I went to sleep. I shall tell you the next adventure next time 😛 (even if all of these are really out of date but I want to cover everything)


See you soon!

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