Essay marks

This is a public service announcement courtesy of me to remind everyone that you should always back up your computer/laptop! I’m not the best about it, but I do try and back mine up to my external hard drive every two to three weeks, and also keep a second copy of all my university stuff backed up on a USB drive. I was extremely grateful for this when my laptop wouldn’t start on Monday and it turned out to be a dying hard drive. It’s four and a half years old, so I thought I was going to have to throw in the towel and cough up for a new laptop, but fortunately Josh works with technology and convinced me to take it to Geek Squad and find out if the hard drive could be replaced. The ¬£45 I spent on the new hard drive was a lot more affordable than the hundreds of pounds I thought I might have to spend on a new laptop, so I was quite relieved!

Yesterday we got our marks for our first semester essays. The UK grading system is definitely going to be an adjustment for my perfectionist self. In the States, anything below a 69% is generally considered failing, whereas over here that’s pretty average. I was pleased with my results once I confirmed that I had indeed not failed and had done well. When I texted my parents to tell them about my grades, I was sure to explain what they meant so that they’d be pleased too and not worried that I was failing my degree :) I did better on one than the other, and the one I did better on was the one I enjoyed writing more and felt more confident about, so I wasn’t surprised or disappointed with my scores. It’s really good to have some feedback since we’re starting our second set of essays and this will help me know what I can improve. I’m making progress on my research proposal and have selected my topic for my other essay, so things are going well!

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