Happy first week of lectures!

The first week of Freshers is over, and hopefully, everyone’s collective hangovers are dissipating. Thankfully, the first week of lectures won’t be too intimidating – though the thought of those 9am starts may be making a few of you shudder in anticipation. So, let’s go through some tips to help you through your first week of lectures.


First off, early starts will be a lot more tolerable with some energy inside you. Get yourself a travel mug and fill it with that sweet student fuel, coffee! Not only will this help you not burn through your loan like you’re drinking it away (and not in the fun way), but it means you can have it how you want, and enjoy those few extra moments in bed.


Second; DON’T. SKIP. BREAKFAST. You can eat in your lectures if you need to, but those early morning minutes will stretch so much more if you’re doing it on an empty stomach. Also, both you and your bank balance will be very thankful for you not buying a mound of food for lunch when you’re ready to eat your own leg!


Three – find out where your lectures actually are! As a first year, I got lost (twice) on the way to my first lecture. Something as small as looking around the campus or taking a map around could help a great deal. After a while, it’ll be easy to navigate and you won’t waste time getting lost (you can instead waste that time on getting coffee etc).


Finally, make sure you keep attending your lectures, however exhausting you find them. It might be tempting to miss some when you’re not feeling spot on, but there’s a reason lectures are there for you!

Have a great start to the semester and hopefully, the workload won’t be too bad! x



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