Little bit late!

Hi all

This blog is a little bit late! I find that when I am on placement that the time just flies by!

I have a couple of blogs to catch up on and this one should have been posted a couple of weeks ago.

I decided to blog about Cancer here, it seems to me that this disease is everywhere, I know from personal experience of watching my mother suffer not only the cancer but the treatment too, I think with every round she had a major complication, the first round was a pulmonary embolism, the second round she got sepsis and then sadly, after the third round, then being  put on a break the cancer went metastatic and sadly she died. I entered my nursing training thinking I wanted to work in Oncology, although that has changed slightly, I would still have some involvement as at the moment I want to work in surgical nursing, I know lots of time to decide yet but it has stuck with me so far 🙂

No one can have failed to notice the number of people in the public eye that we have lost to cancer this year alone! Victoria Wood, Terry Wogan and David Bowie stand out in my memory, as does the fact that with at least two of these people, they died after a short battle with cancer.

So as a tribute to all the people out there that are currently doing sponsored events in aid of Cancer Research UK, those suffering with cancer and their families I am writing this little message on my blog page.

I have decided to add a few links below just for people to be able to go and have a look if they would like to :-



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