Joining a society- dance

One thing I didn’t do at Swansea was I didn’t join a society. So this year, I am starting dance, along with two other house mates and I’m really excited.

There are many things stressful about university in Canada, there are weekly assignments, midterm exams – which are a new concept to me. They actually count for more of my grade in quantum mechanics than my final exam! And finals on top of in class quizzes in modules such as french. The classes are even more fast paced then at Swansea and due to this, I know I need to have something else scheduled into my timetable that gives me a chance to move and not just slug myself from room to room and home again.

I feel dance will be a great one to start with as exercise is so important and beneficial, not just for your health but for your mind. It gets the dopamine in the brain flowing and makes smiling and laughing effortless which is a really good mood booster.

Im so glad that my flat mates are joining me in this endeavour as it will be a fun way to bond as a group and let off some steam!

Dancing was a big part of my life prior to university and I put so much effort into studying these past two years that I believe I missed out by not making the fort to be a part of something else. Going back into dance again will be an amazing way for me to regain confidence and inspire me to talk to more people outside of my lectures and without the influence of alcohol! I think I will be a bit rusty but hopefully classes will change that.

Biggest lesson I’ve learnt in Canada so far:

Societies are huge over here, and for good reason! Being a student isn’t about studying 24/7 it’s about finding a balance that works for you.

Charleigh Bryson

Canada bound 🇨🇦

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