Easter Holidays

Well here we are, the Easter Holidays are upon us and the sun is shining, I am sat on the bed surrounded by papers, books and my laptop, this can mean only one thing, another assignment needs to be started. I find once I have a few hundred words on the page I am OK, it is the awful days spent with blank page syndrome that scares me!!!!!

Having spent time looking forward to the Easter holidays, they have started to fill up with life stuff that needs to be done! Before I know it I will be ironing the purple scrubs in time for my first day back. I have been sensible this holiday and only booked a couple of  bank shifts so far, both are next week.

Three weeks of second placement are  already done and so far so good, I am enjoying it, great people and lots of learning to be had.  Even though I am in the early stages of this degree and have lots of placements to go, I have discovered a liking for the surgical side of nursing.

Short and sweet but if I am honest this has been five minutes of essay avoidance, I am surprised I have not yet started cleaning, mind you if I am caught spring cleaning or out gardening then you know I have exhausted all pleasant means of assignment avoidance.

Till next time

Enjoy the holidays and the sunshine



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