Why Hong Kong?

It just sounds more exciting, doesn’t it? Most people have been to America these days, Hong Kong is new.

This, however, is not the reason I chose to go to Hong Kong – but it is an added bonus!

I chose Hong Kong because it’s a lot cheaper. Yes, I could have scrimped and saved and squeezed out enough money to go to go to the United States and I would have probably enjoyed a far similar culture and an easier ride. But instead I chose to go to Hong Kong and to have money to travel, to see the sights and to live comfortably there. For me there was no real contest.

I did have a list of costs for the American accommodation, but I can’t seem to access/find it anymore; probably because I’m not going there. But If I remember correctly you’d be looking at between £4-6,000 for shared, catered accommodation for the term. Where as I, if I’ve got my HKD to £ calculations correct, will be spending just under a £600 for shared, non-catered accommodation and will be eating out a lot, result!

Am I scared that I could be about to enter a completely alien culture and not fit in? Yes.  Am I worried that simple things like grabbing a taxi or going out for a meal might be made difficult by language barriers? Yeah, definitely. And am I concerned that I might have to live on fish and rice for six months? Heck yes! But I’m also really excited, because this is HONG KONG, its once in a lifetime.

So while I could tell you that I chose Hong Kong because I want to enrich myself with exotic cultures and aim to find myself in the east, I’m really going because I’m tight.


Cait x


Gadael Ymateb