Reflecting on my term in Italy

Soon, I will be leaving Italy and Forli, which is where I have spent the first term of my year abroad studying, and living. I thought that now would be a great time to start reflecting on my time in Italy, even though it has not been the best experience of my life. I found an article on the website Third Year Abroad about different ways to use my blog to reflect on my time in Italy, and this is the first way I am going to try.


I have put together and A to Z list of my time in Forli, and Italy in general.


A – Apartamento 18. The number of my apartment in Forli

B – Bologna, the University of Bologna (the University I’m studying at), Bologna Airport and just Bologna because it’s the nearest main city to Forli

C – Conad, my favourite supermarket

D – Destination. My first year abroad destination is Italy

E – Erasmus. The Erasmus experience, the Erasmus grant…

F – Forli. Where I have lived and studied for 3 months

G – Grazie. The Italian for ‘thank you’

H – Hotel Internazionale. The hotel in Bologna where I stayed with my Mum when she came to visit me in Italy for the week-end

I – Italian.. The language I’ve tried to improve and the Italian experience & way of life

J – “Just keep going”, the phrase I said to myself a lot when things got tough

K – Keeping calm. The best thing to do when things get stressful. Take a deep breath and keep calm

L – La Vita Come’e, one of my favourite Italian songs, by Max Gazze

M – Missing home, which I did quite a lot

N – Never again. There are some things which I would never do again, such as living in Forli, going to certain places

O – Opposite apartment. The apartment opposite the apartment I live in is where the landlord’s parents live and they helped us a lot…

P – Pesaro. A place I travelled to on the coast in November.  Also P for pizza and pasta…

Q – Queue… Something the Italians don’t do

R – Rimini… One of the first places I travelled to

S – Studying. It’s harder in Italy and definitely different to the UK

T – Translations. Lots of translations

U – UK. My home country which I have grown to appreciate more

V – VENICE. I went to Venice when my Mum came to visit me and it was lovely

W – Waiter, the waiter in Hotel Internazionale who gave me and my Mum free food each night

X – EXciting opportunity… I know, it’s not very original…

Y – YES…

Z – Zzz… How I feel after a tiring day at University or travelling! Ha ha ha ha


In Modena with my friends Rachael and Laura
In Modena with my friends Rachael and Laura
In Pesaro with Laura and Rachael
In Pesaro with Laura and Rachael


Venice in November
Venice in November


Gadael Ymateb