I am not a blogger.

I thought that having this blog would be a great way for friends, family and fellow students to share in my experiences whilst I was studying abroad. However, as you can see from the lack of posts towards the latter half of my semester, that this did not materialise.

Why? I just got too damn busy.

All exams and assessments in Lingnan are done within the last month and a half of the semester and I wanted to spend the time I had, when I wasn’t studying, exploring and seeing as much as I could of Hong Kong, not writing a blog.

Some people might like having something like this, a blog or a diary, so that they can look back over their experiences and reminisce in the future. However I love living in the moment, and one slightly burred, completely off centre picture is all I really need to help the memories come flooding back

So, if you’re thinking about studying abroad, take my lack of content as a good sign. My adventure was too jam packed to leave time for documentation.

However, now that I have some free time, I will write a few posts summarising my experiences and providing information to help anyone considering studying in Hong Kong.

Gadael Ymateb