7 Days to go!

Hello Again!
We are back for the weekly count down to the beginning of my adventure! What has happened in the last few days?
Well I shall start with my travel is all sorted and booked. You may how I am doing this and most people would assume flying. In fact this time I am not. I am getting the coach. I am either really mad or clever but here it goes explaining why I decided to do a 27 hour bus journey.

Firstly price. It cost me £144 for the bus journey. If I look at the cost of flights I would be paying about £170 but then also a national express coach to London adding another £35 plus getting from Warsaw to Kielce! More money! All in all I saved best part of £100 which I can spend else where.

Secondly, it is easier. I will just sit on the bus and get told where to change and where to go. Don’t need to worry about getting lost in Warsaw again (don’t ask!) .

Thirdly, I can take more luggage without any limitations due to air travel which is always good!

I am sure you are thinking how on earth will I survive this! Well I did a 9 hour overnight bus journey to Budapest and it was not that bad. For each hour extra I spent I save £10. That is about 50 zloty which is roughly 4-5 meals out in Poland or about 5 pints … all adds up!


Along with the travel I have also booked my travel insurance. Very important for anyone who is travelling, only disadvantage is as my travel is taking longer I had to book extra days for this. But with a discount from AIESEC it did not come to much at all!


How is the preparing going you ask?

Well slowly… I would like to be doing more on this front however the Euro’s seem to be grabbing my attention… Even if England are disappointing once again, its ok. I am half Welsh so I have 2 teams to fall back on! Anyway I have so far prepared 4 lessons out of 16. I know I will be able to get a couple done on the coach to stop me from being really bored, I can be productive with my time! I am arriving 3-4 days before the project starts as my friend who studies English has an exam and asked if I could come and help tutor her. Of course I agreed and so will be staying at hers until I am allowed in the paid for accommodation. That should be a lot of fun as we get on very well and her family are so lovely. Even if I will be “loved” by a hoard of famous show dogs that she owns! After that I will be meeting up with my flat mate for my 8 weeks and going to out accommodation. I am really looking forward to spending time with my friend and me and her are going to eat out of course. That’s the great luxury of Poland you can eat out without worrying about how much you spend as it is so cheap!

How am I feeling about this all? Nervous?

No not at all, the only feelings I have is happiness an excitement. I am only nervous for one thing, seeing my ex which will be very interesting… Anyway, I know the travel will be very long and  I will be likely next to some smelly people snoring but it will go so fast and the reward at the end of it will be special. I know once I arrive I will smile so much and run to my friend  (if i have the energy) and she will set me to work as a tutor! I am however how my mum will cope with me being a way as we are really close, and so I know we will miss each other a lot. Well my mum more, as Swansea is far from Winchester but Kielce is even further! But it will just be like another term at university. We still have the internet! I do think if you are worried about being so far away from home, remember that these days you can be in contact so much more, maybe not via the phone while abroad but there is plenty more options these days. A reason I am doing this blog is so my mum can see what I have been up to (within reason) as well as to share my experience with you guys.


Right, I’m off I have some lessons to prepare for! (I will likely add pictures to support my blogs when I there! as well as the vlogs I promised.)

Trzymaj Sie 🙂

Gadael Ymateb