What to do once you’ve attended an open day

Last weekend was the first Swansea uni open day for prospective students starting in 2019, and if you went you probably found a lot out about the uni, your chosen course and the lifestyle of being a uni student here. However, a lot of people tend to only judge a university by that one open day that they attend. In reality, it’s hard to grasp the feel of a new place and a new uni in that small amount of time.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your decision is the right one:

1. Come back (and again)! 

The single most productive thing you can do is go back to the university location and look, look again! An open day, in my opinion, is not enough time to make a definite decision to a place where you will be staying for the next 3 years. Making appointments with staff in chosen departments is also a good idea if you have further questions or want to know about resources offered within it.

Of course, not everybody can go back to universities that they are interested in due to cost, distance and other commitments. in which case, emailing departments or going on virtual tours of a university are also good options to make sure your choice is the right one.

2. Look at your open day resources (and again)!

During an open day, it is no lie that you acquire quite a lot of leaflets, booklets and random (but important) bits of paper. However, these pieces of paper may give you insight to what you want in a department or a university. Resources of an open day give you as much information that you want on pretty much anything and reading over them several times just to be sure that you like what you see is best!

3. Ensure to keep up with your chosen universities on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat – universities have it all! To keep up with all that’s happening with Swansea University some handles include:


[specifically for the College of Human and Health Sciences]: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/humanandhealthsciences/socialmedia/


Until next time!x

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