Teaching and studying

Well, I’ve been hiding away in a sense. Trying to get my own study up and running and preparing again for teaching. The study is in the last stages of building now. Just a lot of line-ups to make now. It’ll hopefully be up on the research pool soon as well. Not much to say about it as it has been a repetitive task, but now that is done I can get this one running and be writing up my previous experiment whilst collecting data on this one and keep the trend going.

Teaching is not as intensive this semester as it was in the previous one. I’m just there to help with questions relating to writing a report. Last semester, I was delivering the workshops and giving 1 to 1 help for specific issues with the questions in the workbook. It’s not all bad, I do enjoy it, which helps as it’s the field I’d like to work in one I graduate.

I’m also looking at going for a role in the SU in a few years time. To gain another perspective as to how the university works.

In other news, I now have a guitar and have been slicing my fingers trying to play. Hopefully, the skin will thicken up sooner than later.

Sorry, it’s a short one for now. I’ll update again once the experiments are active!

Bryan Robson

I'm a PhD research student, researching the ways that eyewitnesses approach line-ups and how accurate they are. I'm also a student rep for psychology post grad and a mentor for international students. I'm currently training for an INVNCBL course and just in general as well.

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