Proactive things to do once getting your exam results

If you’re a non-graduate (AKA, a first or second year undergrad), you’re probably 1) trying to forget that your exam results come out in a week or so, or 2) you’ve already forgotten that your exam results come out in a week or so.


Either way, your results are coming out and there are two ways it can go. However, what’s important is how you go about it afterwards (in an academic sense, of course)…


If you’re happy with your results and feel like you’ve done as well as you could:

  • Congratulations! But it’s important to keep up with the things you know, as the next year(s) of uni will most likely build on the skills that you have learned this year
  • It is also necessary to know where your strengths and weaknesses are anyway. Even if you’ve done consistently well in every piece of coursework and every exam, there are bound to be parts that aren’t as up-to-scratch, so focusing on those parts will be beneficial!


If you’re feeling good about your results but think you can do better:

  • There is always room for improvement and it’s good to hold these values in mind, but don’t beat yourself up over getting one or two marks below the grade that you wanted (which admittedly I have also done).
  • Ensure that you KNOW where your weaknesses lie. Your previous grades are viewable at any time so do not hesitate to pick through your downfalls. Through this, you can see consistent errors, therefore having skills to work on for the future.
  • Read mark schemes! For example, if you are aiming for a 2:1 but are constantly achieving 2:2s, reading over what contributes to a 2:1 grade should put into perspective the elements your coursework and exams are missing.


If you’re not happy with your results:

  • Don’t be too disheartened – fortunately, this isn’t your final year of uni so you have time to improve your academic skills. Being too upset/angry/emotional about your results may hinder how you improve from this.
  • It may also be helpful to talk to a personal tutor about resources or workshops that could help you improve skills, as they know first hand what well-presented coursework and exam scripts look like.


Good luck on your results day! x

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