My favourite places in Victoria

It saddens me that soon I’ll be leaving this beautiful city (there’ll be more reflections on upcoming blog posts)! But having explored a lot of the area, there are outstanding parts that I will miss the most. For those people potentially going to Canada (especially UVic, Vancouver Island or the West Coast) I would totally suggest going to these places, as they’ve been some of my favourite locations!


Cadboro Bay Beach

This was one of the first natural beauties I came across while being in Victoria for the first time, and will probably be the last before I leave. Having a beach so beautiful down the road from my accommodation reminds me of Swansea, and it’s been so nice being able to go whenever as it’s so close. Also, unlike Swansea beach, Cadboro Bay beach is very underpopulated, so having some quiet time is possible even at peak times. I guess the only negative thing is that it’s down a giant hill, which means the way back can be tedious, but every time it’s worth the climb!

Mount Douglas

The island has a multitude of mountain beauty as well as coastal beauty, and luckily Mount Douglas allows you to see all of it. The summit offers a great 360° view, which you can drive to, or hike the whole way up the mountain to the summit, which I did. Although the hike up was iffy at times (I accidentally went up the advanced route), there are a range of trails depending on the difficulty you want (AKA how sweaty you want to be by the time you’re up there)! Either way, you won’t be disappointed by the scenery.

Beacon Hill Park

It took me ages until I actually visited this park, but I finally listened to everyone talking about how beautiful the place is to have a look for myself. Needless to say I’m pretty gutted I didn’t go sooner, as there is nature and wildlife everywhere! As well as your usual park life creatures, I also saw baby turtles and a peacock roaming around! Overall it’s the perfect afternoon for couples, families and everyone else.

Victoria Harbour

Overlooking the British Columbia legislature building, the harbour is perhaps what Victoria is most known for. The location is the heart of downtown Victoria and around it has tons of tourist attractions for everyone to enjoy. When I first saw this area, I was stunned by the beauty of the architecture and the historical feel of the place. Now I pretty much go and wonder around there whenever I’m downtown, as I love the feel of it so much!

Until next time. x

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