A Year Abroad in Canada!

Finally moved into my new home in Canada and Wow. It’s so beautiful, everything is just so much bigger then in England. Wider stairs, huge landings, bedrooms I can literally hulahoop in- without knocking things off the side! The living room and kitchen area is beautiful and I have to say I’m in love with my house. The campus is massive and I can’t wait to start classes.

I was so nervous to come here, seeing as today is my 21st birthday I thought I’d spend the majority alone and it’s only 11am so that may still happen! But I’ve spoken to my family back home, opened many cards from people, recieved many messages and calls and the distance hasn’t phased me yet… but it might do soon.

My room is slowly taking shape, finding posters and photos to decorate it will be my next challenge.

It got a lot more real though, after being on holiday to seeing my stuff around a room again, in drawers and on desks. I think this week will drive home just how amazing this year will be and I can’t wait to find out just what Brock University has to offer!

Charleigh Bryson

Canada bound 🇨🇦

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