Two weeks ago we started our third and final set of lectures. Our lectures this semester are “Policies and Practice for an Ageing Population” and “Critical Practice with Older People”. Thus far, I really like them both and I have already chosen my essay topics (I think) and am quite excited about them as they are topics that really interest me and I’m passionate about (but then again, I just love the course in general and issues surrounding ageing so it’s not hard to find something to write about that I’ll enjoy). For the first essay I’m thinking of examining what policies exist addressing the needs and inclusion of either ethnic minority older adults or LGBT older adults. For Critical Practice I want to look into what services are available in terms of palliative care for older adults in Wales and the UK. Since these essays are due in May we have less time for them than we did for the last two sets, so I’ll have to decide as soon as possible so I can start my writing and research! As usual, the diversity of the group of students we have in our program makes for some fascinating discussions, though we have a tendency to talk too much and our lectures almost always run longer than expected…but I don’t mind because the discussions we have are so relevant and such a crucial part of learning.

As my friends and family can attest to, I’m all over the place about my dissertation. It may sound silly, but my mental soundtrack to thinking about my dissertation is the Katy Perry song Hot N Cold..because one minute I’ll be feeling awesome about my dissertation project, then the next I’ll read something or speak to a professor or realize something I hadn’t considered previously and I’ll be freaking out. My classmates get the brunt of my questions and frustrations, mainly because I think Josh would probably go mad if he had to hear me talk myself in circles about it all the time, but also because I know they can relate and may have similar questions/dilemmas.

We have the next two weeks off for Easter break, which really doesn’t mean much for how I spend my time since we’re only in classes one day a week anyways, and I’ll be working the same schedule as normal and continuing to try and get essay work done. Thanks for reading!

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