Two weekends ago I ran the St. David’s Day 5k in Cardiff and raised £42 for the charity AgeCymru. This is especially cool because I also finished in 42 minutes, a great coincidence! I only started running in November so I was pretty nervous about the 5k but it went wonderfully!

Other than that I’ve been trying to keep up with my essay reading and feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, but I’m managing. I think my friends and peers must think I’m a bit crazy when it comes to my research proposal/dissertation, because one day I’ll say that it’s going splendidly and the next I’ll be pulling my hair out because I’ve realized I have to completely change or rethink parts of my plan. But I guess that’s the point of doing a research proposal, to iron out any major flaws rather than jumping into the research right away and then realizing your mistakes.

I’ve had a major realization in the past week that, one that some people may be surprised that it’s taken me this long to come to, but I guess it’s just something I hadn’t consciously considered. I’ve been feeling quite intimidated by my research proposal because I’ve never undertaken any direct research of my own before that involved gathering my own data, analyzing it, etc. The more I read up on my subjects the better I understand it and the clearer my own plan becomes, but there have been a few bumps in the road. However, I had this awesome moment this past week when I realized how pleased I am to be finding this program challenging! The whole reason I fell in love with Swansea’s Ageing Studies program is because it is research-based, and my undergraduate program was more general and all of my experience was in working with older adults, but I lacked the research focus or understanding. Although I ultimately want to be in a social services career (I think), I really felt like I wanted and needed a more research-based perspective of ageing to round out my views, and that’s definitely what I’m getting here. Plus, getting to design my own research is really interesting, exciting, and challenging. As an undergraduate I think I probably spent more time being stressed out about the practical side of things–having enough time to get my papers done, finding the right sources, and just generally balancing everything–but I’m finding this program quite challenging intellectually, which is awesome, because that’s what I’m here for.

I’m currently in the process of putting together a promotional video for the University about the Ageing Studies department, so I’ll let you guys know when that goes up :)

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