Approaching the deadline!

Well, the countdown has begun! Last Friday was officially one month from when my dissertation is due–that seems CRAZY! It also blows my mind that I’ve been over in the UK for a year now. I’m in a good place when it comes to my dissertation; I still have a lot of work left to do but it will definitely be manageable in the time I have left. Shortly after my last blog post I met with my dissertation supervisor and we agreed that I could end my data collection and go ahead with my analysis and discussion. In the end I had a total sample size of 16 people, which is quite small considering I’m using quantitative data, but still workable as long as it’s framed in terms of a preliminary/feasibility study. I’m also getting to include something called reflexive analysis, which involves discussing the practical issues that emerged in terms of design, recruitment, ethics, and so forth. I’m really enjoying it! I’m hoping to turn it in a few days early, so my current self-imposed deadline is 25th September, but the actual due date is the 30th.

I’ve also begun looking for and applying for jobs here in Wales. It’s something I’ll focus on more and have more time for once I’ve finished my dissertation, but I figured that my deadline is close enough that I might as well begin now if jobs come up that I’m quite interested in, and there have been a few already.

Sorry I don’t have much more interesting things today, but my life has really been solely focused on my dissertation lately. As a bonus, here’s a really beautiful news story that I found via the Daily Mail, but that actually took place in my hometown!

I really recommend watching the video because it’s much more powerful that way, but it’s a bit long, so you can read the Daily Mail story here if you’d prefer. Hope you enjoy!

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