My Swiss Adventure

Hello! Bonjour! Hallo!

So I thought that I would dedicate an entire post to travelling!! My first adventure took me to the small town of Annecy. I travelled to Geneva’s airport and I went to find my coach…This sounds a lot easier than it turned out to be. After getting lost in the entrance to the airport and wandering around for about half an hour, I eventually found an information desk. I bought my ticket and headed to the coach. I joined some friends during the coach journey, which took about 2 hours to reach Annecy.

Beautiful Blue Lake

On arrival, we wondered around the town, heading towards the lake. As we were walking, we noticed that the town was rather busy for a small place…and then we discovered why! There was a festival taking place. It appeared to be a festival of traditional farming. We headed through the crowds and found stereotypically French bands, dressed in cow costumes…and people were dancing and the atmosphere was great. We found cows, sheep, rabbits and even dogs decorated with flowers. We then decided to go to the lake, which was more peaceful and it was beautiful! After eating our lunch on the side of the lake and nearly being attacked by swans, we went on an hour-long boat trip, which included seeing some of the most expensive houses in France. I highly recommend this trip if you visit Annecy!

Festival in Annecy


My next travelling adventure didn’t get off to the best start. We had planned to go to Montreux, a town on the other side of the lake to Geneva. I got up early, went to meet my friend Victoria and arrived at Gare Cornvain (the main train station) for 8:30am. “Today is going to be a great day” I thought…then I went to the ticket machine to purchase my ticket and found out that we were not going to Montreux. This is the main problem I have found whilst being a student in Geneva: the prices are not very student-friendly.



So, after randomly selecting location after location, we decided to go to Coppet, a small village a little further along the lake. There was not a lot in Coppet, just a few cafés, a castle, the tourist information office and a beautiful view of the lake. So, we decided to go to the next town along: Nyon. Nyon was a vibrant town, with another castle and another beautiful view of the lake. We sat eating our lunch (a picnic – the standard lunch for students in Geneva, because you can socialise and it’s cheap!) on a bench looking out onto the lake.

Life by the Lake

We then headed to our final destination of the day: Rolle, the next town along. Rolle was also very quiet, but there was another castle and another beautiful view of the lake, a common theme with towns along Lac Léman. To summarise: the day that started with disappointment, turned into a nice day and worked out a lot cheaper, which is great for a student!


What I took from this day: even when the day doesn’t begin as you’d like, it can still be enjoyable and memorable, if you don’t let one setback get in the way.

A day of exploring

I will end my Travelling Blog Part 1 here, but I will dedicate my next blog to my next adventure that I have planned – a four-day trip around Switzerland!

Merci et à bientôt! 

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