Final thoughts before leaving Canada

All good things come to an end, and sadly so does my year abroad. Just like before I came here I wrote about my feelings, I shall do the same about my thoughts on returning home. It feels like I had only gone yesterday!


Honestly, I am both scared yet excited about returning home. I’m excited to see my loved ones again, to use my own currency, and to no longer fear grizzly bears in the wilderness. However, I feel like so much has changed since I have gone (even if it is around 8 months), and the last thing I want is for going back to feel alien for me to get any form of reverse culture shock (which does exist)! Either way, the prospect of going home is a new adventure in an old location, and I’m more than happy to take the plunge.


Some people may view me going back to the UK straight after my degree as ‘not fulfilling the experience’, but considering I have managed through the experience and fulfilled a lot of things off my bucket list (i.e. seeing a bear, climbing mountains), I am more than satisfied to be going back. Also, as mentioned in a previous blog, travelling in general costs a lot of money, let alone when it’s the end of the semester and the university accommodation doesn’t let you stay any longer than 24 hours after your last exam!


Either way, I’m going to be glad that I’m coming back, and to be starting afresh in September!


Until next time. x


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