Ellie Williams

Seems that you've stumbled across my student blog for Swansea University! Now that you're here, i'd better introduce myself. I'm currently in my third year of my BSc Genetics degree, and shall soon be graduating to become a professional scientist. Pretty cool right? That's not all! While i've been studying in Swansea, i've been doing some pretty awesome stuff. I've been white-water kayaking in Scotland (scary), gone rock climbing and surfing in the Gower (little bit less scary), volunteered as a Student Leader and taught STEM workshops to school pupils (teenagers are TERRIFYING) and many other things that have fulfilled my time at Swansea with interesting stories, even more interesting people, but most importantly prepared me for my biggest adventure yet - LIFE IN THE ADULT WORLD. So if you'd like to keep up to date with all my most recent adventures, usele- I mean helpful tips and tricks for surviving at uni, and general nonsense I find interesting, keep an eye on the student blogs over the next few months. Happy reading!

Gadael Ymateb