Fall break (Halloween)

For the fall break my housemates and I decided to visit Toronto for the week and I can say without any hesitation that it was one of my favourite cities I have visited. From the high-rise buildings such as the CN-Tower to Toronto island and the harbour area. Here’s a picture of me being super touristy with the CN-Tower in the background.

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Being afraid of heights you can only imagine how terrified I was to tackle the CN-Tower as it’s the third tallest tower in the world, not to mention the lift being on the outside of the tower ,meaning there is nowhere to hide when it came to staring out as we climbed up 553 metres in the sky, it’s safe to say, that lift on the way up wasn’t one of my proudest moments as I faced the wall the entire way up hoping that the lift wouldn’t break. At one point the lift started the shake a little and I thought to myself oh no. But it was 100% worth it as the views from the top where simply spectacular.

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While there we also decided to go visit Niagara Falls, which again lived up to my expectations that I had envisioned in my head. It was around an hour and a bit from Toronto, we decided to do a guided bus tour which was definitely worth it, as we stopped off at a number of nice wee spots such as Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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While we were in Toronto we also visited a pretty cool place called Kensington market, it was a run down place around ten years ago but its being developed into a kinda hipster places with graffiti being promoted to give it a unique sense of artistry, with lot of cool little cafes and places to catch something to eat, with a market area selling loads of cool clothes, paintings, anything you could possibly think of.

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Gadael Ymateb