After the Toronto city life, Hamilton has been the perfect break. It borders the lake with a beautiful waterfront trail and has sights and sceneries that will impress any human. There are parks on every block and fountains littering the town centre. Just outside downtown there is a trail called Bruce Trail, it’s signalled by white rectangles painted on trees along the route and the path features many many obstacles, constantly leading you up and down the mountain carving the body of a snake into its rocks, along this route are many waterfalls and view points where you can look out over Hamilton and it is Gorgeous! I have not seen a place get the balance between nature and civilisation as well as Hamilton does.

Travelling slightly before my university term begins is really helping me fall in love with my local surroundings and prepare me for the wider aspect of life in Canada. One very happy girl 😆

Charleigh Bryson

Canada bound 🇨🇦

Gadael Ymateb