Beaches and Bonfire Night – My favourite experiences in Swansea

Bonfire Night

These pictures are from my first ever bonfire night, Fireworks, a bonfire and one of my housemates and myself. Which was a really cool experience, it was my first. It was kind of like a really cold version of Independence day. There was this sense of camaraderie and unity that I hadn’t felt since I had arrived. My housemates and I got all bundled up and went down to Swansea beach and watched the fireworks together. Before we left though, they made sure I knew all of the history of why Guy Fawkes is celebrated. I am really lucky to have great housemates! I have learned a lot about British history because they have taken the time to explain it to me. (Two of them are Welsh, three are English). It was so cold that night. We all huddled together. If I am ever in the UK on November 5th again I will make sure to have a better scarf, gloves and really thick wool socks. It was easily one of the coldest days since I have been here!









We walked to the beach because parking is insane so don’t bother driving unless you want to get there hours early. It was really sweet seeing children with sparklers. It was amazing how I could see fireworks from all around the bay. There were fireworks going from Port Talbot to Mumbles and all the way around.


Caswell beach isn’t too far from Singleton Campus and it’s a major destination over the summers here in Wales. Many people go on holiday here. I went with a few friends. There is a lot of space, but I imagine in the summers it is really busy! Dogs are welcome here too. It would be a nice place to have a bonfire and to relax on the weekend!

I also went to Three Cliffs which is a beautiful hike. On this hike there are places for cliff jumping. There are lots of things to do for people who enjoy outdoor activities. It’s a full day trip though. While on my trip out there I saw my very first Welsh sheep. It was a pretty big deal!

Rhossili is another place that is really nice. It is windy so make sure to bundle up! When the tide is out you can hike out to Worm’s head. It is a really beautiful place. Be sure to make it back to the main land before the tide come in though or you can get trapped out there! (They apparently have a helicopter if you do get stuck).

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