Attention all Postgraduate Research Students

Hello all,

For this post I wanted to forward an email from the Postgraduate Research Society. They want to welcome everyone who has already joined the new Postgraduate Research Society here at Swansea University. If you haven’t already joined, they look forward to meeting you and hope to welcome you into what promises to be a fun and supportive group where you could make friends and

They have a vision for the PGR Society, which is that it will provide a space for research students to share, learn, collaborate and lead. It is hoped that this will help PGR students from small research apprentices into fully fledged academics.

Below is a list of what the PGR society wants to offer it’s members:

1. A Swansea based support network of research students
2. Social and networking events
3. Activities aimed at developing research skills
4.  Spaces that encourages initiative and participation
5. The support and resources made available by the Students’ Union and the University

Therefore, if you are a Post Graduate Research Student, why not consider going along to their launch event on Thursday 25th at The Office Pub and find out what has been planned in terms of future events, meet other Post Graduate students and get involved as a founding member of this collective of up and coming professional nerds!

Finally the PGR Society wanted to say that if you are not convinced to attend maybe consider this: The probability of you winning the lottery is 1 in 15 million. The probability of a Nobel Prize winner being a successful academic with a strong connection to Wales is 1 in 2,500. You already have a strong connection to Wales… SO let why not let them help you become a successful academic and , join the PGR Society NOW!

For more information click on the links below: (information about the society and contact information) (information about the launch event).

Thanks for reading!!!

Joanna Wolton

I am a PhD student in the Centre for Innovative Ageing within the College of Human and Health Sciences. I hope this blog is insightful and gives you some tips and information about what it is like to be a student living in Swansea.

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